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Textile Recycling Program

The Overview

When we first started as a company we sold exclusively apparel. We are aware of the negative impact the fashion and textile industry is having on the environment and we wanted to do better.

How Is It Recycled

We take returned textiles and donate them to local textile recycle company. They then get reprocessed into new materials or get repurposed for a new life as a new garment.

How Does It Work

Our program takes our textile-based products (just shirts for now) and allows you to return them to us to have them properly recycled so they don't end up in landfill waste and can be given a second life. Just click here to get started on your return.

Other Options

Shipping creates lots of greenhouse gas emissions and most communities have textile recycling bins in their area that are going unused. You can go here to look for bins in your area to recycle your shirts. Tag us in social with you putting it in the bin for a special discount!

What Our Clients Say


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