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Women in Climate Change

In honor of Women's History Month, we're sharing some of our favorite women making a difference in the climate change community. Climate change science has many different facets that women work in, but overall there is a lack of representation of women. On the other hand, women have made some monumental contributions to climate change science, and as a women-owned business, we hope to aid in those contributions.

Rachel Kyte

Rachel is a leader in the transition to sustainable energy. Her work centers around finding ways for the world to move away from fossil fuels. She has developed strategies to make hundreds of billions of dollars available to developing countries that are eager to combat climate change. She is a true scientist serving the common good.

Kate Marvel

Kate makes climate change science "digestible" as I like to say. Science can be really dense and hard to understand. Climate change is something everyone is talking about and Kate makes it easier to have that conversation. She's a diligent researcher and I heavily recommend her Ted Talk and listening to any podcast interview she has ever done.

Miranda Wang

Miranda is a 25-year-old start-up CEO who developed groundbreaking chemical technology to recycle plastics. Her company BioCellection is an interesting new take on recycling and is looking to expand locations soon!

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

The co-founder of Urban Ocean Labs. Ayana Johnson is a multi-faceted researcher. She's a marine biologist who has done research on how oceans are being affected by climate change, but also how the black community is being affected. She is an activist and CEO. I've gotten the privilege to listen to some of her talks and she is also fun to follow on Instagram.

These few women are a drop in the bucket of brilliant women who are breaking ground in these fields. I suggest looking into more women, reading their research, listening to their podcasts, reading their books, and learning. Education is so important and these women are at the forefront of it.


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