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June Cause of the Month

As many of you may know, we donate 5% of our purchases. In the past, we had split our donations to different causes we love and wanted to support, but we have found SOOO MANY that we want to support, we have decided to do a cause of the month. Every month, we will pick a different company to donate to. We want to spread the love and the wealth to all the non-profits and organizations we can.

For June, we chose Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. This is a local Cape Cod non-profit that we hold near and dear. We are HUGE shark lovers here at Freckled Finn's and love the work they do. June is also the month of their Shark Challange. In a week, you will cover as much distance as possible biking, swimming, running, or walking. This is to raise awareness for the rise in activity of white sharks around this same time and to raise funds for their organization. I will be participating by running a half marathon on the Cape Cod Bike path and also doing as much as possible to rack up donations for the organization. If you would like to donate on your own, you can go to this link or support our store!

If you have an organization you would like for us to support let us know! Contact us on our social media, email us, or comment on this post!

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