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Keep It Clean Mission

Summer 2022

What is Keep it Clean?

Keep it Clean is our Summer 2022 mission to do a small part to help out our local communities and the environment. It started as an idea to get more engaged and give back to the communities we love so much while also supporting our mission to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly company.

How you can get involved

We want your help with this mission too! You can attend any of our clean up's that we'll have posted on our social media. You can also clean up your own local area. Whether you live near water or not helping in any small way matters. Pick up trash off the sidewalk, in a parking lot, or in a local park, and tag us on social media and we'll add it to our collection amount! 

What will we be doing?

The Freckled Finn team will be collecting debris and trash from beaches, waterways, and other locations all over the east coast all summer long. We'll be doing lots of Cape Cod beaches, but also other locations on the east coast. Everything is interconnected and helping all over is better than helping in one small place. 

We'll be keeping track of how many pounds of trash we collect and we'll be donating to causes helping to keep it clean all over the country. We'll be posting where we'll be donating on our education page and on Instagram. 

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