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Freckled Finn's Fishing Company started as an online store and brand to raise money to do ocean conservation work and has blossomed into so much more than that. 

Freckled Finn's launched in 2020 right before a global pandemic. As our nation and the world battled COVID-19, we decided to do a moral check on our business and decide what we wanted to stand for, sell, and support. 

Co-founders Clarissa and John believe that people who support each other and love each other can't lose. We decided to focus on supporting other small business owners and causes that we love and care about. 

We believe everyone is allowed on our boat; no matter your background, skin color, gender, religion, etc. Fishing is for everyone and as long as you come with a loving heart and a positive vibe, we're happy you're here.

Giving Back
Giving Back

We are a business built on the ideals of giving back. We want to educate, donate, and help in as many ways as possible. You can check out all of our educational resources here and learn about our recycling program here. We also plan to do community events in the future in post-covid times.

We want to give back to our community as much as we give back to our environment so you will find almost all of our products are made by other small businesses, made in the USA, and support causes we care about such as black-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, LGBTG+ owned businesses, other businesses that give back and much more. 

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